Updated P&L (In two parts)

Part One +47.42pts

Before I started on Racing Enquirer, I was already providing tips to a service. In the first Profit and Loss figure (the one quoted above) I have not included those tips to give a ‘pure’ report on how I have fared in my first month publishing my work under my own name. The total figure for these selections (66 in total) is +47.72pts from the 5th of May until the 31st inclusive. All I know is there aren’t that many tipping services that even bother to record their P&L, and from the ones that do (and charge for a service), this kind of points per month would be considered a very successful month. I’ve given away all of my Race Previews for free and I know a few of you have joined me for the ride – thank you for your feedback and kind support.

Part Two +59.09pts

When entering the P&L for the first four days of May (+11.37pts) my actual total P&L for this month is +59.09pts to level 1pt stakes. These selections were all verified the day before and are available for inspection.

Whichever figure you look at that’s an impressive month during which we’ve had all kinds of weather conditions and a couple of big meetings. To recap, here’s some of the winning selections from the month:

  • WINTER 9/1
  • TASLEET 18/1
  • NAGGERS 7/1
  • BLACK DAVE 12/1



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